Advanced Encryption and File Shredding
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This is a classified document

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Encryption Protection's online decoder

/^-f yu@@kpMH(mUL#8ު.04-h솪' si4mcblm~ۯqEC|a{w?H&lK>:67'H. Djۣ:|%|4@NKH?g2_;&q [Ilkփ,.24X|Rfj<7wȈB֡V%j~h~81Fa ЩDdu /span SǗLu"D$*$G`&R , h-~_!|%|[5(@)Yݝ Ԟ(B>

Your personal text is decoded within the circuits of your own PC using your JavaScript enabled Internet Browser. None of your contents are transmitted through the web during the process of decoding nor do we record any of your data. If you doubt us, go offline and proceed subsequently. Encryption Protections are encrypted in a highly secure way, using an exclusively developed 128 bit algorithm.

Free evaluation copy of the Encryption Protection software available at

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